About Us

What we play:

Crazy good pop rock music (plus Irish favorites) with 3-part harmonies. We do crowd-pleasin’ covers along with our own original songs.

Where we play:

We’ve performed at venues all over southeastern Michigan: bars and pubs, festivals and fundraisers, corporate & special Events.

How do you get us to play for you?

Just call Tina Paraventi: 734-218-1306 or email her at tparaventi@comcast.net.

Who’s in the band?


From left:

Maureen (Mo) Paraventi – singer/songwriter/flute. Mo has sung with bands and in stage shows. She’s active in local theatre and is also a writer.

Stuart Tucker, one of Detroit’s most versatile drummers, is happy playing jazz, Americana, folk, rock and “stone country.”

Tina Paraventi – singer/songwriter/12 string guitar has performed as a solo artist and a band member in clubs throughout Michigan — and a few other states as well! Tina is also an accomplished actor and director, with both dramatic and musical comedy roles on her resume.

Norm Andresen – singer/songwriter/bass, Norm brings 25 years of bass-playing experience to McLaughlin’s Alley. When he’s not performing, he gives bass lessons to students throughout metro Detroit. Learn more at: www.normandresen.com.

Connect with us!

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